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#61 [url]

Oct 25 13 4:52 AM

I suppose that it's protocol to introduce oneself on here, therefore I will do just that.

Hello, my name is Kenny, although I rather obviously use the moniker The Redwolf.  I'm a university student working (poorly) toward a physics degree and I fell in love with this game the moment I saw the Kickstarter.  As most could surmise from my picture I'm a big fan of Final Fantasy, with the character Mog from FFVI (who is depicted in said picture) being the default association I have been given by some of my friends (I even went and bought a hat with ears and a pom).  I'm not likely to be on here a huge amount because school, other forums, Pokemon, etc., but it's still nice to say hello and all that.  I'm also an admin on another forum, The Bar With No Name or TBWNN for short, which actually started as a big joke and grew into its own thing so that now we have our own forum site, a large Skype chat, and a fair number of people.  If anyone's interested in joining feel free to as, and I promise I'm not soliciting for new people, just trying to say interesting things.

Anyway, I suppose that should be just about adequate, have a nice day everyone.

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#62 [url]

Oct 31 13 2:49 PM

Hello fellow supporters, I'm just a gamer who enjoys games with a good art sense, great gameplay and a compelling storyline, all of which I see in Hyper Light Drifter. Glad to be part of the community already, and hope everything goes well.

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#63 [url]

Nov 4 13 8:24 AM

Hello! My name is Josh but you all can call me Tobi because there are too many josh guys out there. My IGN is Torn Asunder. I play just about every game i can get my hands on... Idk if that makes me an addict or.... But I'm in many betas for Indie games and some major games(still waiting on Hearthstone...). I actually heard of this game when I went to the booth at Minecon 2013. The game crashed on me 3 times if i remember and after 7 tries I managed to beat the little demo they had on display. The game play was awesome and I immediately wanted to get involved in this game.

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#64 [url]

Nov 21 13 2:50 PM

Hi. I'm Jonathan Moran. I prefer the alias "Moon" when online though. don't ask why, I don't know. There are some certain aspects of what I've seen so far of HLD that are incredibly intriguing to me. namely, how is it that this game is so perfectly similar to my own "ideas that have been fluttering in my skull for ages", that it is almost unnatural? I joined this forum in hopes that I may find out how exactly Heart Machine got the ideas for this game, and to know if there are any others who mysteriously have these thoughts as well.

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#66 [url]

Nov 23 13 1:31 PM

Well. Here we are, the Kickstarter went over all expectations, and the Heart Machine is now pumping stronger than ever.
I'm Luminisenc, or Lum, or whatever. My online-name comes from a Latin word, luminisence, which means to make light - and what a coincidence, thinking about HLD.

I love games in general, but what I really adore is that certain type of experiences, a mixture of art, nostalgia, dreams, and whatever ever has been in between these keynotes.
What amazed me when looking at this project was the nearly perfect synchronization with myself, from the music to the calm, dark ideas and perfect, yet brief, description of something forgotten.

Really, only the trailer alone made me breathe heavily, and made my heart pulsate stronger than normal.
It still does.

I love the movies of Miyazaki-san, and his caption of that certain type of experience. He, Phil Fish (FEZ), and Miyamoto-san (The Legend of Zelda, etc.) are the only ones (yet) to achieve this.

I want to know about the world, the hidden geometry, the forgotten and returning past, the safety and danger, and the almost complete, pulsating, platonic love I have for this game.
I don't have reasons, nor an objective.

But I know that that certain kind of feeling is both rare and elusive - and that you very well may achieve this.
I want to be a part of that.

Thank you, Alex.

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#67 [url]

Jan 11 14 10:13 AM


Aleonymous (or just Aleo) from Greece here. I just pre-ordered my copy of this awesome looking game. Can't wait for HLD.

Keep drifting.

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#68 [url]

Jan 18 14 5:18 PM

Hello I am Night and I cry every time I watch the HLD trailer. This game is changing my life already and it's not even out.

Last Edited By: Night Jan 19 14 2:19 AM. Edited 1 time.

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#69 [url]

Oct 7 14 6:31 AM

Heyo people!

I'm a french fan who missed the kickstarter by just a few days iirc, and I bought the game from the site instead ^^ I love the indie games scene, especially when it's not only a game, but also a full experience for the senses (the artistic choices *_* and Disasterpiece *_*) and emotions (same as before *_*).
I'm really hyped to play this game when it's fully released, and I hope the preview version will help Heart Machine make the game even better, and give them more popularity :)

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#72 [url]

Oct 8 14 10:58 AM

Hello all,

Backed this game hard as soon as I saw it and have been eagerly awaiting it to be released. I knocked out the preview in a few hours and have been itching for more.

Can't wait to play the full release!

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#74 [url]

Oct 22 14 12:28 AM

Hey ho, standard introductory post! Finally dug up where the forums were located :D

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