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#41 [url]

Oct 17 13 8:33 PM

Howdy everyone!

Glad to be here, looking forward to the great things to come from this game and community. :)

Still working out how to personalize my account and add an avatar. But I'll be up and drifting with the rest of you in no time!

- Drifter Kveer

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#45 [url]

Oct 17 13 11:57 PM

Hi all.
I am so very excited about HLD. It looks like it is going to be very very wonderful!
I am an indie developer/freelance conceptartist in the UK.
You can see my art wares here if you are interested:
I am hoping to make some HLD fanart as soon as time permits :)
Looking forward to being part of the community around this very exciting game.


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#50 [url]

Oct 18 13 8:53 AM

Hello all!

@Knightfall: Happy (belated) birthday!

@Kveer: Yeah, changing avatars is tricky on here. It's on your profile page under the "About Me" on the left column. Hover over it and an option will pop up to change your info. I clicked the profile pic a couple of times trying to change it.

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#54 [url]

Oct 19 13 3:22 AM

Hm… Introduction…Well… I dunno what to say haha. But you can call me Skarlet or Skar or Fantasy if you'd like (SkarletFantasy is a bit long to type out)

I can't wait for HLD, like the rest of you~ After watching that trailer on KS I knew I had to have this game like, the first 20 seconds in
Usually I don't watch kickstarter videos more than once, but I've watched HLD's several times already xD

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#58 [url]

Oct 23 13 3:22 PM

Hello everyone !
I think i have too introduce myself (and i'm rly sry for this bad english langage, i'm french)
well, i'm here just for now, not on kickstarter and i knowing the project on Indius (french website about indies games).
I'm 23 and i live in france.
I'm so happy about Hyper Light Drifter. I hope it became a great and famous game. HLD regroup all i like in a game. Incredible !
So, i'm so pleased (I'm not sure about this word) to be here :)

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#59 [url]

Oct 23 13 3:52 PM

Hello! I'm Shnurbinator. I won't be on this forum much because I'm really active on two other ones. I'm really excited for this game, and I hope that we can ride a snail in it as fast travel. Because that's life.

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#60 [url]

Oct 23 13 10:14 PM

Oh yeah, this is a thing. I didn't notice until recently.   xP

Anywho. Imma backer as well, obviously under the username of Toltage. My real name is easy to spot on the Kickstarter page, since my avatar here and there are the same. I like me some Cave Story, but this is all beside the point.  xD    Can't wait for more updates and beta in the hopefully-not-too-distant future!

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