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Oct 17 13 3:31 PM

Well I can at least post successfully on the forums, but I'm having no luck in the profile section. It doesn't load correctly and everything reads out in text.

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#26 [url]

Oct 17 13 3:43 PM

Boogie down Mr. Banana!


[EDIT] Where my 'hilarious' Avatar? Maybe editing the post will magic it in...
[EDIT 2] Well it appears in the post preview window... hmmm. maybe if I add more smileys? imageimage
[EDIT 3] Nope! Well maybe a trip to the kettle will fix it!

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#27 [url]

Oct 17 13 4:00 PM

Hi Guys I'm Tim AKA ChiaSWT
you may remember me as that random guy on the first day stream asking about something special in the Pirated versions of the game, spawning what is now a vicious red pirate snail!

nothing to brag about but who can blame me :D

Hope to get to know all you guys more soon, see ya in the drifrt!

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#30 [url]

Oct 17 13 4:50 PM

@nashuo - respect humbly given. thank you for your moneys

@ChiaSWT - um, love snails. love snails, snail love

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#31 [url]

Oct 17 13 5:30 PM

Hey everyone! I'm Chris, I basically fell in love with HLD the moment I found out about it and backed it in a heartbeat. Also got an extra copy for a good friend of mine who is also really excited for it. Looking forward to seeing how this forum grows over time! Particularly liking what other people have posted to the fanart section thus far, very neat stuff. Can't wait to see more! :D

Oh, also, I'm currently studying Game Design at Becker College in Massachusetts, hoping to focus in 3D Modelling and Animation, with some writing talent to back me up... At least I hope!

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#32 [url]

Oct 17 13 5:33 PM

Hi, I am Diokatsu, a game design student at RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute). Gave money to HLD and really glad to be able to post of these forums! Hope I get to meet some of you and bond over video games!

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#36 [url]

Oct 17 13 6:33 PM

Hey everyone, I'm Justin (I know, shocking isn't it?). I'm 28 and a fourth year medical student applying for residency. I've been gaming since the NES, and enjoy all systems (albeit with a bit of a preference for Nintendo platforms). Very excited for this to come out, and very happy it's coming to the Wii U as well. It'll be nice to have this with Shantae given the crossover.

Looking forward to seeing this game take shape!

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#38 [url]

Oct 17 13 7:21 PM

RANDOM know who I am if you saw me in the twitch chat

I saw you in the Twitch chat, so I know who you are.

I am, or rather we are, MeiYukiZero. We're two brothers sharing a profile across the internet! Personally, I am Mei, and my brother is Yuki. We checked this out via Mighty No. 9's update shoutout (If I recall correctly), and I decided to chip in some money to help everyone out at Heart Machine since this looks absolutely amazing, and I want more.

Anyways, hope to be more than idle in the future, and good to meet all of you.

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Posts: 33

#39 [url]

Oct 17 13 7:38 PM

RandomCouchRANDOM know who I am if you saw me in the twitch chat

Yo Random Couch! This Gunmouth picture needs to be your profile pic, or at least as a sig, lol.


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#40 [url]

Oct 17 13 8:15 PM

I would but I prefer my Mighty No. robot as a pic. it pretty much fits me perfectly

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