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Feb 15 14 7:25 PM

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I'm a fan of South Park. I'm also a fan of classic RPG gameplay, so when I heard Obsidian was working with the creators of South Park I was pretty excited and hopeful to get a true South Park game experience. My hope has wavered the past year since the game was delayed for so long, and Obsidian does have a history of buggy games, but man this new video released yesterday showcasing the intro of the game has me completely hyped all over again for this game!

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Mar 9 14 4:09 PM

Yeah the game looks pretty good all things considered. Does turnbased combat in a way I like, in that there is involvement and attention and skill required to get the most out of attacking and defending. Tons of fun gags and generally feels like a south park episode. So yeah I heard its pretty great, though I might wait until its on sale or something. 

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