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Nov 30 14 9:33 PM

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Hey guys,

Wondering if anyone knows or maybe the devs can answer the questions I have about the art and their methods behind it.

Question the first, What sort of resolution do you use for the artwork if it's limited in anyway at all?

Do you use a dedicated sprite program or just sprite within GM:S? If so what program?

If you render art and resources at a lower resolution do you simply blow them up to make them a larger res?

Thanks and regards,

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Dec 1 14 12:33 PM

The devs don't really check here, so if you want them to see your question either send them and email(Not sure you will get a relpy) or wait for them to stream a question period on twitch.

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Dec 4 14 5:19 PM

I know Sean Ward (the character animator) uses ToonBoom and ProMotion, and I think I hear GraphicsGale was used to make the special effects. Alex says he does the background stills in Photoshop.

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