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How did you solve disparency between hitbox collision and 45 degree graphics?

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Nov 25 14 4:49 AM

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Hi I pre-ordered Hyper Light Drifter and like to know how did you solved disparency between hitboxes and 45 degree graphics?
Some games only have hitboxes on character shadows and bullets have their own invisible shadow.
Watching videos of Hyper Light Drifter you seems to use hitbox for whole characters and think it's better this way that you handle collisions like everything is directly from above.

Being a programmer my self I really like to know how you solved following.
If player is standing just below something that should block bullets like a box and it has shorter than your characters hitbox and enemy higher up is shooting at you.
Because players hitbox is taller than box's, your character's head can get hit from that bullet.
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