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Nov 14 14 11:50 PM

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This is a fan-produced mix album and soundtrack.

As I mentioned in my report on the Preview Build (, Disasterpeace's music is structured such that the individual pieces overlap and comprise a seamless whole.  Because editing intricate mix albums is a hobby of mine, I couldn't resist playing with this material once I realized how it had been designed.  I recorded long samples of every unique piece of music in the demo and built a 45-minute uninterrupted narrative from them.  The arc largely follows the pacing of the game, but I took a few liberties that I felt better served the music in a standalone format.

Note that this mix is in no way intended to serve as a substitute for the official Hyper Light Drifter soundtrack (which does not yet exist).  The final game will likely have much more music than is contained within the Preview Build, and it will surely be laid out in a very different fashion from what I've done here.  Also, not all of the music that I sampled from the game is discretely available in full within the mix because I have blended tracks together in many places so as to take advantage of their overlapping relationships and to create a more interesting whole.  My purpose here was not to replace the eventual legitimate soundtrack release but rather to demonstrate and harness the dynamic structure of the music in Hyper Light Drifter for a unique experience of my own expression; to pay tribute to these gorgeous electronic textures, melodies, and rhythms; and to give those of us who fell in love with the Preview Build or are otherwise excited about the game something to listen to over and over again during the agonizing wait ahead.

Despite the pulsing tension of the middle section and the beats towards the end, the album is overall a slow-building ambient experience best suited for headphones.  There is a lot of detail here that may not be apparent during casual listening.  Even pieces of music that do not directly intersect might still share a thematic base or flourish motifs, and I'd also like to think that some of the transitions, panning, and layering that I've built benefit from intimate attention.

Although it lacks monetization, this content will of course be removed without hesitation if requested by either Heart Machine or Rich Vreeland.  Hopefully that will not happen since it represents a more complex and original effort than merely uploading the game's raw music would, but I suggest that you listen while you are able.

You can find more music by Disasterpeace here:

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Nov 15 14 10:02 AM

I have the HLD soundtrack on preorder, and I have a small collection of game music I like to listen to while I work. Since a lot of game music is made to be unobtrusive but motivating, it's really the perfect fit. The Fez soundtrack, also by Disasterpeace, is a highlight and I'm REALLY looking forward to adding the music of HLD. This will fill that gap nicely until then, so thanks for this :)

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Nov 15 14 6:44 PM

The quality of your videos is great! I hope that when the full game comes out that you will do lore and analysis videos. Keep up the great work and thanks for the sound track.

My fave soundtracks are Cavestory keroblaster and ff6

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