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Oct 6 14 11:18 AM

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I'm a kickstater backer.  It's been a super long time since I backed this project and really looked forward to playing it this past weekend.  Unfortuantly I don't know how to download it since I've never recieved any correspondance on how do download it.  Can someone point me to the right place?

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Oct 8 14 5:46 AM

Hey there. Did you sort this out?

I wasn't a KS backer, but had bought into this beta/preview via their Humble-Bundle widget. I actually got a link from HB, that gave me my Steam-key to download/activate this game on Steam. If you haven't received something like that (probably from KS? Check spam too), try emailing Heart-Machine directly (at

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Feb 28 15 8:25 AM

I also backed it via Humble where is the Steam key? the page is empty saying

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Thanks for purchasing Hyper Light Drifter!

Thanks for pre-ordering! When Hyper Light Drifter is ready, you'll be able to get it right here on your download page.

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