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Oct 12 14 6:33 PM

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I'm having so much fun playing HLD I don't want to have to say goodby. I understand it was just suposed to be a limited preview but could me maybe get it replaced with a version of the challange mode that has been at the trade shows? I just can't get enough drifting!
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Oct 13 14 12:24 AM

Honestly, I think HM was right in calculating that ~3 days (or ~10 hours) would be enough to experience 99% the preview build has to offer. Of course, if somebody missed that weekend entirely it wouldn't be right, but, on the other side, 30 days is too much for just one dungeon, even a large one. I'd also like to keep the demo, as I enjoy drifting from time to time :)

What is that challenge mode you mentioned, at the trade-shows?

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Oct 13 14 6:19 AM

Endless monster waves in an arena.

You are correct that most people im sure where finished by day 2 or 3. I still love picking it up for 20 or so minutes every other day. Sure its the same dungeon but I like pracricing combat and getting as good as I can

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Oct 13 14 6:49 AM

Hmmm, kinda like

, right? Sounds like a pretty simple-to-implement idea, that will give nerds (errr, us, that is) something to chew on until the game is released.

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Nov 7 14 11:04 AM

Even though HM said that the preview build would run until end-of-October, I still see the game in my Steam library and am able to play it. I saw it being Steam-updated the other day, and that got me thinking about this. I didn't notice any difference to it, but didn't play too much either. On the other hand, I saw that you can no longer buy-into the Beta/Preview via the $25 Humble-Bundle widget in the HM website, so I guess that the deadline referred to that...?

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Dec 17 14 1:46 PM

I would love to still be able to play the beta, because I simply missed it (I got no mail from HumbleBundle)...
But I talked with Alex and he sad, that next possibility to play the game is on realese.
If I try to play the Preview, it just says: GameData missing!


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Jan 9 15 5:34 PM

went back and got my white cape again last night. Damn I can't wait for this game. I just wish we had more info on the game mechanics. Do I start at one block of life? do I get items that shorten the time to power attacks? all the questions and no answers! can't wait till beta

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