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Nov 2 13 1:14 PM

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Just incase you missed this video and all its goodness.

I know this is pre alpha but I love the idea of no hud. Hopefully they will keep it like this or allow you to hide it while you are playing. 

Great work guys can't wait to see more!

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Nov 2 13 4:41 PM

The fact that good evasive dashes will be in the game makes the combat all the more hype. My favorite thing to do in Bastion was to hammer smash to cancel out of a dodge mid-roll. I hope something similar comes into play in HLD. If not, no big deal. The dodging will be amazing either way. (... or there could be a dodging gun shot. Or plenty of other dodge attacks. I just want to stop for now as to not make my expectations super high. *drool*)

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Nov 2 13 10:21 PM

Here's my breakdown of Hyper Light Drifter Combat Video.

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Nov 2 13 11:32 PM

hmmm.... the video is awesome and all but im now wondering how well the combat will be when it comes to a keyboardto me thin kind of combat is probably best suited for controller support. very fast action packed combat and a overall good look at some of the fighting mechanics really can't wait to see if there are any upgrades for the weapons as well as the animations for the alt sprite

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Nov 4 13 2:15 PM

Looks very fluid. Mobility is key in this game and it already looks quite demanding in terms of physical dexterity. Looking forward to experiencing it and fighting all sorts of diverse enemies.

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Nov 11 13 3:08 PM

It looks very good!

I can't wait to hack and slash for myself!

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